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Get rid of all those old-fashioned link shorteners, because it's never been easier to shorten links, share them and find out how well your content is received: Click Genius lets you create your personal short links in seconds - no matter if for private or professional use. In-depth statistics for each link show you how well your content is received by your friends, colleagues, or customers.

  • Erstens

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    Copy the link you want to shorten into the mask on top of this page and click the "Shorten my link!" button. Within seconds you will get your personal short link.

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    Share your short link with your friends, colleagues, or customers via social media, email, or your homepage to direct them to content they might be passionate about.

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    Discover how popular your content is

    Check out the in-depth statistics of your short link to see how many times and by whom your short link has already been clicked and how well it is received by your people.


Why Click Genius

Click Genius is a quality product made in Germany. We take data protection and data security very seriously. At the same time, we offer you detailed real-time statistics about your traffic. Keep track of your visitors at all times with Click Genius.


CUSTOMIZE your links any time

Click Genius kicks off where ordinary link shorteners quit the game: Create a free account to be super flexible. Once you have signed up, you can change the destination of your short URL at any time. This makes you extremely flexible in case the content you wanted to share moves or you'd rather share a different piece of content.


One Login for all partner programs


Replace shortened links afterwards


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Detailed User Statistics


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YOU need more?

We offer selected users the exclusive opportunity to become a Premium Publisher. As a Premium Publisher you benefit from highly detailed statistics, monetization opportunities and many extra features. Just apply now or get in touch with us first.