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It has never been easier to gain a true competitive advantage and outshine your competitors with the right publisher mix. Discover now how Click Genius can help you take not only your affiliate program, but your entire business to a whole new level.

Lift your Affiliate Marketing program to the Next Level

Have you ever wondered why Amazon is so much bigger than all the other retailers? The reason is pretty simple: Visibility is the key to Jeff Bezos' wealth. Amazon is everywhere: on blogs, on YouTube, on Instagram, on Tiktok, on Pinterest, and of course on Facebook. Why? Amazon makes it very easy for bloggers and influencers to join its partner program and earn money. You can do the same: With Click Genius, we connect you with hundreds of carefully selected and wide-reaching bloggers and influencers. This way you can present your brand and your products to an audience of millions – and all this 100 % performance-based.


Top-Level Influencers and opinion-leading bloggers promote your products

With Click Genius you can reach millions of people. Click Genius is the first and only Premium Publisher Network that is exclusively open to Premium Publishers. By partnering with Click Genius, you gain access to opinion-leading bloggers and high-reach influencers who each have hundreds of thousands of fans on social networks like Instagram, Tiktok, Twitch, and YouTube. We have carefully selected all Premium Publishers and regularly check their quality. This way we can ensure that your brand and products are promoted by 100 % reliable and conversion-strong Premium Publishers.

Affiliate Marketing has Never Been that easy

We know how time-consuming communication with publishers can be. With Click Genius we solve exactly this problem: We enable you to add hundreds of opinion-leading Premium Publishers to your partner program without any hassle. As your personal single point of contact, we take care of the entire management of our Premium Publishers. We introduce your affiliate program to our carefully selected Premium Publishers, make sure that the Premium Publishers promote you correctly and effectively and settle earned affiliate commissions directly with the respective Premium Publishers. Of course, for you all these services are completely free of charge.

  • We only work with carefully selected Premium Publishers.

  • We introduce your affiliate program to our Premium Publishers.

  • We provide you with in-depth reports via your affiliate network.

In-Depth Reporting for a Maximum of Transparency

Affiliate Marketing is above all a matter of trust. That's why we provide you with as many figures and reports as possible at any time of our collaboration. Unlike the other meta networks, we have no secrets from you. We provide you with detailed reports that show you at one single glance which of our Premium Publishers promote you, which publishers provide you with how many clicks, and with which of our Premium Publishers you generate how many orders. Always, at any time and completely without any ifs and buts.


Click Genius - made by and for Affiliate Marketing experts

Click Genius is not a quick-fix project by a bunch of industry outsiders. We've been in the online marketing industry since 2009, working in senior positions for affiliate networks and market-leading companies on both the publisher and advertiser sides. In 2016, we founded the digital agency Network Genius, and since then we have been managing Affiliate Marketing campaigns for SMEs and international brands with six- to seven-figure budgets. We have used all this knowledge and experience to build Click Genius and provide you with a tool to effectively increase your sales and brand awareness. You doubt it? Just give it a try!

Interested? Lets work together!

All this sounds great to you and you would love to get started with Click Genius right away? What are you waiting for? Let's kick off our collaboration now! How does it work? It's very simple: You can already find Click Genius on the biggest and most important affiliate networks. Just invite us as a publisher through the affiliate network of your choice or contact us directly. We will take care of all the details. Pretty soon, our Premium Publishers will be recommending your brand and your products to their fans.


Are you running a private program?

Would you like a little more?

Affiliate Marketing is one of our strengths, but by no means all we can do for you. Click Genius is powered by Network Genius, a digital agency founded back in 2016. We pave the way for SMEs into the digital age and support e-commerce companies in their further growth. Customized software solutions and the implementation of ERP systems are just as much a part of our strengths as online marketing, communication, and design. Just contact us to arrange an initial meeting where we can discuss your requirements and possible solutions with you.