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Click Genius is so much more than just another link shortener. With Click Genius you can open up a completely new revenue stream – without spending a lot of time and effort. Read this page to learn what Affiliate Marketing is and how Click Genius helps you make money with every link you share.

Get the Maximum out of your social media channels

Did you know that your reach is worth much more than you thought? In addition to income from advertising and collaborations, there is another way to earn money that many influencers don't even know about: Affiliate Marketing! Many retailers and brands pay you a commission for every customer you refer to them. But in order to get paid you have to fulfill one crucial criterion: The brands need to accept you as an advertising partner. This is exactly where we come in. With Click Genius, we connect you with thousands of merchants and brands who are happy to pay you for every purchase you refer to them. This way you simply get more money out of your content and your audience.

Click Genius is Designed for Influencers

Click Genius is designed specifically for your needs. We know how demanding and time-consuming your job as an influencer is. That's why we make it as easy as possible for you to earn extra money with Affiliate Marketing. All you need to do is shorten the links with Click Genius when you want to point your readers to a specific offer. If the retailer has an affiliate program linked to Click Genius, you will automatically earn a commission for every purchase you refer. In your personal Premium Publisher account you can always see how much commission you have already earned.


Learn how much fans love your content

How well do you know your fans? And how much would it help you to know more about their tastes and interests? We let you understand what really makes your fans tick – with in-depth reports for every link you shorten with Click Genius. For example, you can find out where your fans are coming from, how many of your fans clicked on your link, and how many fans ultimately bought the product you recommended to them. This way, you can see what content and products really interest your fans and create content that perfectly matches their tastes.


Our Partners

Affiliate Marketing is just like influencer marketing: widespread and highly effective. So it's no wonder that almost all retailers and brands count on Affiliate Marketing. We are already partnering with thousands of popular online stores and brands and made exclusive deals with them just for you. Stop losing cash and get paid now with Click Genius for every sale you refer to them. Here comes just a very small selection of popular retailers and famous brands that are just waiting to work with wide-reaching and opinion-leading influencers like you.


Save your time with our plug-ins for chrome an firefox

With our free plug-ins for the browsers Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox you can now create your personal short links even faster. You only need to install the plug-in for the browser of your choice once and connect it to your Click Genius account. Now you can create your personal short link for any page you are visiting. It only takes one click. Great, isn't it? As we said before: It has never been easier to generate additional income with Affiliate Marketing. Try it now and get the free Click Genius plugin.

Install our free CLICK GENIUS APP now!

Install our Easy-To-Use app here: (available for iOS and Android)

Stay Flexible at any time

Plans change and that's why Click Genius is designed to give you the absolute maximum of flexibility: You can change your link's destination at any time – even if you've already shortened and shared it. Just log in to your personal Premium Publisher account and modify the link. Here you also have the possibility to customize your link. Instead of our default URL, you can also use your own URL. This way you always stay on brand.


"Affiliate marketing was always a pain for me. It was simply too time-consuming and too much hassle for me to apply separately to all the different networks and publishers. Click Genius solved exactly this problem for me. It saves me a lot of time to have access to thousands of partner programs with just one single login. And of course, I can't complain about the additional earnings either."


Become a Premium Publisher Now

We offer selected users the exclusive opportunity to become a Premium Publisher. As a Premium Publisher you benefit from highly detailed statistics, monetization opportunities and many extra features. Just apply now or get in touch with us first.

Would you like a little more?

Influencer marketing is our home turf. In parallel to Network Genius, we also run DK71 since 2017, an agency for influencer marketing and management for selected influencers. Over the years, we have not only built up reliable contacts with the most important influencers, but have also developed an in-depth understanding of how influencers work and how they can be successfully involved in campaigns. This know-how has been infused into Click Genius. And with this know-how and our extensive network, we are also happy to realize classic influencer marketing campaigns for you through DK71.