Are you annoyed by poorly designed workflows and processes that waste your time and money every day?

We can totally understand that. More than ten years in affiliate marketing have shown us often enough what is wrong and needs to be optimized to let us do our work more efficiently.

With Click Genius, we've designed a service that takes Affiliate Marketing to the next level. Whether you are an advertiser or a publisher, we offer you well thought-out and technically excellent solutions that let you gain excellent results in a minimum of time.

SOlutions for Advertisers

With Click Genius, we offer advertisers the unique opportunity to work 100% performance-based with high-reach social influencers and opinion-leading bloggers - without the time-consuming acquisition and management of publisher relations. And we offer advertisers the greatest possible transparency. With Click Genius, you don't have to rely on your gut feeling and the promises of meta-networks. You can always see transparently which publishers are promoting your brand and bringing you sales and revenue.

With Click Genius, we give you access to a wide range of opinion-leading bloggers and high-reach influencers who entertain millions of fans with their content on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, and YouTube.

Click Genius is an invite-only premium publisher network. We only work with selected bloggers and social influencers who fully meet our high qualitative requirements for reach, engagement, brand safety and reliability.

We are your single point of contact for bloggers and social influencers. As such, we fully manage the relationships with your premium publishers for you. This allows you to scale the number of your publishers and your reach without having to spend more time on acquiring and managing publishers.

We would like you to be able to fully rely on us at any time. For this reason, we have spared no effort to provide you with maximum transparency. We assign a unique and static sub-ID to each Premium Publisher. This way, you always know which publishers are promoting your brand and products.

In the dashboard of your affiliate network, you will always find comprehensive information on how our premium publishers advertise for you. If you like, we can also send you a detailed monthly report with all placements and referred transactions.

Click Genius is a perfect tool to manage your own branded campaigns: With Click Genius, you can use your own URL to create links with a look and feel that perfectly matches your brand and offers a high level of brand recognition.

We provide you with real-time, detailed statistics on every link you shorten with Click Genius. You will always have a full overview of where your links have been shared and how many clicks and transactions you have gained from them.

Even if you want to avoid it, it can happen that content moves. This is particularly critical if links that have already been published suddenly lead to nowhere. We have a solution for exactly this problem: You can change the target of the link you have shortened with Click Genius at any time - even afterwards.

Click Genius is a service of Network Genius. We are a digital agency launched in 2016 and specialize in helping businesses like you grow with customized software solutions and full-scale marketing services. Just get in touch with us. We will be happy to work out individual solutions tailored to your needs.

SOlutions for Publishers

Are you a blogger or an influencer who is active on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Twitch or YouTube? Then you should sign up with Click Genius today: Thousands of merchants and brands are just waiting for you to promote them and pay you for every customer and sale you refer to them. Click Genius makes it very easy for you to work with them - without spending a lot of time. Your only job is to turn normal links into affiliate links and embed them in the content you publish anyway. We'll take care of everything else and pay you your provisions month by month.

Earn more money with your reach now! With Click Genius, you get access to thousands of retailers and manufacturers who pay you an attractive commission every time one of your fans purchases from them through one of your links.

With our free extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers you can create short links for any page you are visiting within seconds. Share these links with your fans. If the site has an affiliate program and is connected to us, you will automatically earn from every purchase your fans make through this link

Download the free Click Genius app for iPhone,iPad or Android Android mobile devices now. With our free apps you can also create affiliate links on your smartphone or tablet within seconds and easily share them with your fans via social media.

With Click Genius, we give you maximum flexibility: you can change the destination of the links you've shortened with Click Genius at any time. Even if a product is sold out or you want to recommend a different product to your fans, you can adjust the target of your link as you like. This way you have maximum flexibility and don't miss any earnings.

You have your own website and would rather use its URL than our standard URL? No problem at all! With Click Genius you can use exactly the URL that suits you perfectly. This way you can raise the interest of your fans and gain a significantly higher click-through rate.

In your exclusive Premium Publisher area, we offer you comprehensive statistics on the performance of your links. You can see in real time how well your fans liked your recommendations, how many of them followed your link and bought something - and how much money you earned with Click Genius.

Add our Automatic Monetization Script to your blog or website and start earning money in no time: Our script automatically detects all outgoing links and converts them into affiliate links. This way you can focus on your readers and content creation and get an additional source of income almost on the fly.

Access the offers of thousands of merchants and manufacturers through our API in real time and create high-conversion deep links that lead to the exact product or category of your choice. This way you show your fans or readers directly the way to the offers you find most exciting.

Recommend Click Genius to your friends or colleagues and benefit from an attractive lifetime commission: We will pay you a lifetime share of all revenues generated by Premium Publishers you successfully refer to Click Genius. This way you boost your affiliate income even more.

With Click Genius you don't have to wait for your money. We will transfer your monthly affiliate earnings directly to your bank account when you have earned more than €50. For each payout we' ll issue you a credit note, which you or your tax advisor can easily work with.

Designed by Professionals, Made For You

Click Genius is made by professionals for professionals. We have been in online marketing since 2009 and have worked in senior positions on all three sides - for advertisers and publishers as well as for networks.

We've combined our extensive experience from more than a decade of affiliate marketing and our technical expertise to create Click Genius, a top-notch service. Click Genius is crafted with the utmost attention to detail to fulfill the needs of advertisers and publishers and help you with smart solutions day by day. Come and experience for yourself what affiliate marketing of the latest generation looks like today.

Affiliate Marketing has Never Been Easier

Working with Click Genius is most convenient for you. You only need to add Click Genius as a publisher in the affiliate network of your choice.

We take care of all the rest, introduce your brand and your products to our Premium Publishers and make sure that our Premium Publishers promote you in the right way. Yet Click Genius is the first Premium Publisher Network that tells you the whole truth: As transparency is a top priority for us, we provide you with in-depth information about which Premium Publishers are promoting you and with whom you are making the most sales. Just contact us to learn more about our reporting.

YOU Need More?

We offer selected users the exclusive opportunity to become a Premium Publisher. As a Premium Publisher you benefit from highly detailed statistics, monetization opportunities and many extra features. Just apply now or get in touch with us first.


Do you have suggestions on how we can make Click Genius even better? Great! Please feel free to suggest new features.

Our goal is to make affiliate marketing as easy and convenient as possible for advertisers and publishers. That's why your feedback is important to us. We would love if you shared your ideas with us.